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Fine Jewelry


Spark Creations has built its reputation as a leader among luxury jewelers since 1972 by manufacturing fashion jewelry designs that capture the essence of seasonal fashion trends. Spark is recognized for its elegant style and spectacular one-of-a-kind pieces.

For 114 years, ALink has strived to create jewelry which has the relevance’s, the style & the grace of a city. Jewelry which reflects the heritage of its roots and the excitement of the grandeur of NEW YORK CITY. We are METROPOLITAN.


Every Doves piece begins with a pencil and a sketch board. As a designer, Doron's attention to detail produces dramatic creations, yet it’s his unrelenting pursuit of perfection that sets his designs apart from the pack.

Mastoloni is one of the most trusted and respected pearl-industry veterans; a company known worldwide for its ability to supply virtually any cultured pearl desired. An innovator with a reputation for quality forged over decades of experience, Mastoloni has a heritage of which all can be proud.

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